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Looking for a LocalCryptos Alternative? Say hello to OpenPeer

Trade between crypto and fiat directly from your self-custodial wallet with zero-gas fees

Over 10k traders trade crypto P2P in over 100 fiat currencies with OpenPeer.

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Reasons why you should use OpenPeer for P2P crypto trading

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Decentralised & Self-Custodial

Only you have access to your funds. Connect to OpenPeer with your self-custody wallet like Metamask. Interact with other traders through secure smart contracts.


Low Trading Fees & Zero Gas Fees

OpenPeer sponsors all gas fees on the protocol so you don’t need to pay for onchain transactions. You only need to pay a 0.3% fee when selling crypto on the protocol.


Private & Secure

KYC requirements are up to each individual trader and based on the rules within their country. Your private data is never held or can be accessed by OpenPeer.

Backers and Partners

Outlier Ventures
YBB Foundation
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OpenPeer is a decentralised P2P exchange protocol.